Celebrations Church, Gainesville, FL

Celebrations Church is a 3,000 seat modern worship facility in Gainesville, FL. It has multiple theatre style venues, children’s areas, and education space. The project involved overall green design with energy efficient fixtures and controls. What you can’t see is its state-of-the-art fire alarm system to meet current and future requirements.

Church of the Highlands, Auburn, AL

This newly constructed 42,000 square foot worship facility consists of a 1200 seat auditorium/concert style sanctuary, a Starbuck’s coffee location, education wing with classrooms and separate kids theatre area. Special elements included light sensors to save energy and clean technical power to the AV system, which means the power feeding into the system is filtered so you get no hum in the speakers or unnecessary feedback.

Church of the Highlands, Riverchase, AL

The facility is comprised of a 1000-seat sanctuary, education wing, theatrical children’s theater, café and administrative offices. The project included fire alarm, audio/ visual systems, theatrical lighting, lightning protection, power, and emergency systems.

Briarwood Barn, Birmingham, AL

Known as The Barn, this project transformed a once horse barn into a multifaceted worship facility for the youth of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL. The outdoor riding arena became a gym, stalls became restrooms, and the large storage area became a worship center. Hyde Engineering electrical design work included upgrading of all power and lighting infrastructure, emergency power, and audio-visual infrastructure support.

Church of the King, Mandeville, LA

This was a newly constructed 2500 seat sanctuary with full kitchen, cafe, education and administration facilities. Hyde also helped design the new audio visual system, fire alarm, data and communications facilities. The lighting exceeds current energy requirements and provides for full emergency power to include three 600 kw generators operating in parallel.